Kriste Mambo P Bag 8095, Rusape

"I am filled with great zeal for the Lord God of hosts." 1 Kings 19:10


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Kriste Mambo

P Bag 8095, Rusape

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School Profile

School Profile

Kriste Mambo was established in 1964 as a girls’ only school with a small enrollment of only 200 girls. The school has expanded over the years being receptive to the demands for education by the locals. The school’s current enrollment is 597 students, of which 55 girls are in boarding and 42 being day students from the local community (21 girls and 21 boys). The teaching staff establishment is 31 (15 females and 16 males). We have also permanent and contract support staff of 26.

The school got A’ Level status in the year of 2000. It offers a wide curriculum comprising of Science, Commercials, Arts and Practical subjects. Apart from the academic subjects, the school also offers some extra-curricular activities covering sport and culture. Teaching and learning facilities are fairly adequate. The school has 12 classrooms for both O’ and A’ levels. It also has 6 specialist room for fashion and Fabrics, Cookery, Computers and Library. A Sciences block with Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories is also in place.