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The school has done it yet again as a perennial accolade of excellence in the various spheres of its life. The outstanding qualitative Ordinary and Advanced level results for 2016 were out of the ordinary achievement scoring 100% for both levels. The young ladies have also done very well in the sporting and cultural activities with teams getting to as far as national finals. They have not been found wanting on the spiritual front as we are molding them to be complete citizens.

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education introduced the new curriculum. A lot of ground work has been covered unveiling the new dispensation. Our school, out of many, was selected to pilot test on the new syllabus covering a lot of competences. This article would not be complete without mentioning the appointment of the Chief Editor of our past Annuals Fr Paul Horan, who was recently ordained as Bishop of Mutare. The school at large pays tribute to him for the sterling work over the past years and at the same time congratulates him on his new vocation. We are all proud to be associated with this success story since we stayed with him, as a School Manager for nine years in Kriste Mambo. We offer him our prayers and wish him well in his shepherding his flock.

Finally but not the least, I would like to wish our external exam classes of 2017 great success as I challenge them to surpass last year’s record by recording 101%.Remember,we have to jealously guard our reputation for success lest we become complacent and deteriorate in our performance over night. Take a cue from a great physiologist R. Green who had this to say:

‘’Reputation is the cornerstone of power. Through reputation alone, you can intimidate and win; once it slips, however, you are vulnerable, and will be attached on all sides. Make your reputation unassailable.’’

Sister Monica Maparura

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